Demonym: Tyaean
Government: Hereditary oligarchy
Primary Race: Elves (mixed)
Capital: Issos

Tyaena is a small but old elven nation in the far south, founded by a group of adventurers, originally populated by exiles from Aldasia who disagreed with the empire's expansionist policies. Of all the elven nations, they're certainly the most nonconfrontational, the least likely to respond to slights with declarations of war – they attempt to maintain friendly diplomatic relations with anyone they can, though being cut off from the rest of the continent by Iskaraya and Aldasia do make that a bit difficult, and Tyaena has an ambassador in almost every nation in Chaerosh.

When arcane magic still functioned, the greatest magical universities in the world were in Tyaena, outshining even Aldasia and Eni, and their ability to defend themselves with powerful magic is probably why they managed to remain independent for so long. It took them much longer than most other nations to really give up the use of arcane magic, and as well as being considerably weakened by its loss, they still bear the scars of their attempts to hang on to it even as it became more and more volatile. Present-day Tyaena is weak both politically and militarily, plagued by bandits in the countryside and monsters and old magic that they lack the resources to adequately control or contain. Now, they owe their continued existence mostly to their alliance with Arinvaa, which shields them from the other elven nations. Aside from Arinvaa, Tyaena's closest ally is Calaera, with a great deal of sea trade passing between the two nations (skirting carefully around Aldasia's navy, of course).

Tyaena is ruled by a council made up of the descendants of the original founders of the nation, traced through the maternal line – usually a handful of representatives from each family, considering the size of some of those families. Within that council, they elect a High Councillor, who serves for one sixty-year term before a new High Councillor is elected.

Although there were two non-elven founders, all current members of the council are (to all appearances) elven – one non-elven family line was assassinated, while the other is now half-elven so diluted that they might as well be full elves. There are, however, still a number of half-elves in Tyaena, even in some noble families, as well as some elven subraces that don't seem to exist anywhere else in Chaerosh. Non-elves are free to immigrate to Tyaena, but few do, at least in part due to the great distance and hostile nations between Tyaena and any non-elven nations.


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