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  • Races

    Original Races

    Chaerosh has six original races that claim they were created by the gods shortly after they formed the world: elves, humans, dwarves, halflings, gnomes …

  • Aldasia

    Demonym: Aldasian
    Government: Monarchy
    Primary Race: High elves, slaves of other races
    Capital: [[Oruna]]

  • Arinvaa

    Demonym: Vaad
    Government: Tribal gerontocracy
    Primary Race: Wood elves
    Capital: [[Kaviled]]


    Demonym: Calaeran
    Government: Plutocracy
    Primary Race: Humans, but fairly mixed
    Capital: [[Windward]]


    Demonym: Dwarven (Eni does not recognize dwarves not part of the nation)
    Government: Magocracy
    Primary Race: Dwarves
    Capital: Unknown …

  • Viminn

    Demonym: Vimini
    Government: Meritocracy
    Primary Race: Smallfolk (gnomes, halflings, & mixed)
    Capital: [[Laduna]]

  • Iskaraya

    Demonym: Iskarayan
    Government: Feudal monarchy
    Primary Race: High elves, orcs and other races as non-citizen serfs
    Capital: [[Sarica]]

    Iskaraya is a …

  • Tyaena

    Demonym: Tyaean
    Government: Hereditary oligarchy
    Primary Race: Elves (mixed)
    Capital: [[Issos]]

    Tyaena is a small but old elven nation in the far …

  • Draios

    Demonym: Draiosian
    Government: Bureaucracy
    Primary Race: Humans
    Capital: [[Mytea]]

    Draios claims to be the oldest human nation, dating back to the very …

  • Uludal

    Demonym: Uludani
    Government: Tribal elective monarchy
    Primary Race: Orcs
    Capital: None

    The nation of Uludal is its people - that's all they have left …

  • Dolothland

    Demonym: Dolothlander
    Government: Tribal elective monarchy
    Primary Race: Humans
    Capital: Caerni

    Dolothland is carved out of what was once halfling …

  • Lonraith

    Demonym: Lonraithi, though most refer to themselves as citizens of the city they're from instead
    Government: Confederacy, varies somewhat between cities
    Primary …

  • Kindlers

    The Kindlers are a secretive organization of mages, academics and their allies, founded some time after the fall of arcane magic with the goal of learning what happened to it, studying how it works today, and perhaps …

  • Order of the Thorn

    The Order of the Thorn are only a couple hundred years old, dating back to the establishment of [[Lonraith]]. They grew from the original army that fought Draios, though they didn't bear that name at the time …

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