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  • Aldasia

    Demonym: Aldasian
    Government: Monarchy
    Primary Race: High elves, slaves of other races
    Capital: [[Oruna]]

  • Arinvaa

    Demonym: Vaad
    Government: Tribal gerontocracy
    Primary Race: Wood elves
    Capital: [[Kaviled]]


    Demonym: Calaeran
    Government: Plutocracy
    Primary Race: Humans, but fairly mixed
    Capital: [[Windward]]


    Demonym: Dwarven (Eni does not recognize dwarves not part of the nation)
    Government: Magocracy
    Primary Race: Dwarves
    Capital: Unknown …

  • Viminn

    Demonym: Vimini
    Government: Meritocracy
    Primary Race: Smallfolk (gnomes, halflings, & mixed)
    Capital: [[Laduna]]

  • Iskaraya

    Demonym: Iskarayan
    Government: Feudal monarchy
    Primary Race: High elves, orcs and other races as non-citizen serfs
    Capital: [[Sarica]]

    Iskaraya is a …

  • Tyaena

    Demonym: Tyaean
    Government: Hereditary oligarchy
    Primary Race: Elves (mixed)
    Capital: [[Issos]]

    Tyaena is a small but old elven nation in the far …

  • Draios

    Demonym: Draiosian
    Government: Bureaucracy
    Primary Race: Humans
    Capital: [[Mytea]]

    Draios claims to be the oldest human nation, dating back to the very …

  • Uludal

    Demonym: Uludani
    Government: Tribal elective monarchy
    Primary Race: Orcs
    Capital: None

    The nation of Uludal is its people - that's all they have left …

  • Dolothland

    Demonym: Dolothlander
    Government: Tribal elective monarchy
    Primary Race: Humans
    Capital: Caerni

    Dolothland is carved out of what was once halfling …

  • Lonraith

    Demonym: Lonraithi, though most refer to themselves as citizens of the city they're from instead
    Government: Confederacy, varies somewhat between cities
    Primary …

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