Demonym: Vimini
Government: Meritocracy
Primary Race: Smallfolk (gnomes, halflings, & mixed)
Capital: Laduna

Viminn expects people to try to step on it – and that's one thing they refuse to allow ever again. An amalgam nation made up of native gnomes and halfling refugees from their homeland, they're extremely technologically advanced – Vimini believe that there's no need to be the strongest, so long as you're the smartest, and they've turned that into a weapon against anyone who would threaten them. They aren't isolationist, though, despite their suspicion of the bigfolk – they trade with most of the continent, and are strong allies with Eni, a fact that further discourages any aggressive action against them.

Their cities are tall and shining, made of bright stone and glass and metal, run almost entirely on steam and clockwork. They are also almost passive aggressively built to smallfolk specifications – even the streets are uncomfortably narrow for bigfolk, never mind the buildings, the transportation… Outside of the cities are farms augmented with clockwork machines, where homes are often built in burrows under hills so as not to ruin the picturesque countryside, and some small settlements of gnomes in the forests.

Equality and taking care of each other is central to their society – poverty is virtually unknown in Viminn. If you don't have a job, one will be found for you whenever you like; those unable to work are taken care of by their families or by the sanctuaries. They don't have temples, but the sanctuaries are something like it, dedicated to helping the needy… or anyone who asks for assistance, really. They are just as united when it comes to threats: raise a hand against one of the smallfolk, and you'll probably have to fight a small army in short order.


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