Demonym: Philiran
Government: Stratocracy
Primary Race: Humans
Capital: Pontia

Philirin is a poor, beleaguered nation that has been on the defensive for centuries, the one human nation that borders Aldasia, and it sees itself as the first and last defensive line between humanity and the empire that would devour them. Its people are made up of formerly warring tribes now united under a king, as well as the descendants of slaves from Aldasia, and both of these things have left a deep mark on them. Most people don't live in tribes anymore, but they are still acutely aware of their bloodlines and the clan they belong to, and tribal dynamics and ties are still deeply important to them.

Philirin's military is exactly the same as its government – its king is also its general, and important members of the government are also military officers. Everyone of age, male or female, is expected to present themselves for training a few times a year, and can be called up for military service at any time. There are supposed to be limits on how long any one person has to serve, or how many people in a family can be called for service at a time, but often these restrictions are ignored given how great the threat of Aldasia is.

Aldasia has not even declared war on Philirin. They don't believe them worthy of it – they're not another nation to fight, they're feral dogs that will one day be brought to heel. Aldasians will often launch raids on Philiran land, capturing slaves and burning their farmland, but there's no sustained campaign against them – and most Aldasian settlements are too far from the border to make a Philiran assault possible, so they are always forced to be on the defensive. Shortages of food and other resources are common, but it's not uncommon for other human nations to send them food and supplies to support them – they're perfectly aware of the threat Aldasia presents, and they much prefer to have Philirin between the elves and humans rather than be forced to fight that battle themselves.

Philirin is aggressively suspicious of all nonhumans, especially elves, and they may be the targets of violence with no more provocation than existing as a nonhuman.


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