Demonym: Lonraithi, though most refer to themselves as citizens of the city they're from instead
Government: Confederacy, varies somewhat between cities
Primary Race: Humans
Capital: None

Lonraith is an alliance of six large cities who have aligned their interests and support each other, without any overruling governmental body. Though two cities were originally independent, most of them used to be Draiosian – tired of years of neglect by the government, a charismatic local leader rallied the largest cities in the east and declared their independence from Draios. An ugly war ensued, leaving the border between the realms still scarred and deeply inhospitable to this day, but eventually they drove the Draiosian army from their lands; it took a few more skirmishes and incidents before Draios really accepted that they'd lost the east, but the free cities have been firmly independent for generations now. When founded, it was called Lonraith's Alliance, after the man who originally united the free cities, but over time the name was simplified to Lonraith.

Each city governs itself independently, and culture varies slightly from city to city. However, each member of the alliance is sworn to send aid in the form of food, goods, or manpower should any of the other cities have great need, and they share equal responsibility for things like the upkeep of trade roads and the defense of Lonraith as a whole. Though the cities have their own guard forces, the borders, roads, and wilder regions of Lonraith are defended by the Order of the Thorn, a company of warriors with members from all of the free cities.

Important Locations
Thornmonte, home to the Order of the Thorn


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