Demonym: Dwarven (Eni does not recognize dwarves not part of the nation)
Government: Magocracy
Primary Race: Dwarves
Capital: Unknown, but Artirabe is their main outpost from which they interact with the surface

To the outside world, Eni is unflappable and inscrutable, seemingly unchanging as stone. They have fought wars throughout their history, but for the most part, they are considered too strong to threaten, and seem uninterested in outside conflict anyway. Some theorize that Eni is not, in fact, as united as it seems, that there are as many nations of dwarves as there are of humans, somewhere far beneath the surface, and that they are all warring amongst themselves… but if that's true, they're doing an excellent job of showing not a trace of it to the surfacers.

Since the fall of the gods, they have become more reclusive than ever before. It's a well-known fact that they were, at least previously, ruled by the most powerful wizards among their people – no doubt the decline of arcane magic was a serious blow to them, and that alone could explain their increased isolation. Some dwarves do still come to the surface, even now – mercenaries and traders, as always, or outcasts from rigid dwarven society, but they don't speak of what's going on below. Patience, deliberation and tradition are the watchwords not only of the nation of Eni, but of dwarves as a whole – nothing is ever done without thought, and if it's not broken it doesn't need to change.

Few dwarves live aboveground in Eni – a few small cities, here and there – but they do still hold clear borders, and defend them from any outright incursions. However, it's well-known that Eni is full of outposts, settlements, even towns of non-dwarves, misfits and outcasts from all other nations, which dwarves seem to tolerate well enough so long as they do not challenge the dwarves or make any true claims to their land. Outside of dwarven cities, Eni is lawless and dangerous, but it can be a safe refuge for one who can't find one elsewhere.


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