Demonym: Draiosian
Government: Bureaucracy
Primary Race: Humans
Capital: Mytea

Draios claims to be the oldest human nation, dating back to the very first stand against the Aldasia –  it may well be true that they are the oldest now, but their actual history is not nearly so long and grand as that. They stand on the shoulders – and the ruins – of at least two human nations before them, which they claim as their own.

In truth, Draios as it exists today was founded in the chaos that followed the departure of the gods and the downfall of arcane magic, and along with the ruins that surround them, that clearly had an effect on their culture and national character. Draiosians are extremely superstitious, covering themselves and their homes in talismans and protective symbols, murmuring prayers and making signs against evil at the slightest hint of misfortune. They have a complex and somewhat secretive state religion that propitiates and prays to half-remembered gods, and while it's not formally part of the government, it wields enough influence that it more or less functions as one anyway.

The government itself is unwieldy and ineffective, headed by a king who is little more than a figurehead. Beneath them are a number of magisters and scribes who tend to be the ones actually making decisions, when they're not jockeying for status among themselves. Some magisters hanging around court don't even have any actual power, just hereditary titles that no longer have any actual responsibilities connected to them.

The majority of Draios' population is clumped into a handful of cities and the small farming villages that surround each of them, leaving vast swathes of the land to crumbling ruin. Much of that open land is infested with bandits, wild beasts, and things much worse.


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