Tiny Campaign

1: Call to Adventure
Name Level Played by
Jubilation 1 Mags
Iriesaadi 3 DM

In which:

  • Jubilee's mother dies of a long illness, and Lurue appears to give some words of comfort, and give Jubilee the power her mother once held.
  • Jubilee finds an owlbear looking for her lost cub, offers to help her, and retrieves the lost cub from a precarious position. She also gets the hell bitten out of her in the process.
  • While looking for ruins in Draios, Jubilee literally falls into one, where she finds a new friend. An orc wizard named Iriesaadi has been stranded in the basement of an ancient library for three days, after discovering it's a little more monster-infested than she expected. Jubilee helps her find her way out, and handily destroys crawling claws, a flying book, and a malicious shadow in the process.

    • In the library, they find a tapestry depicting a map of Chaerosh. Both Jubilee and Iriesaadi noticed something off about it, but couldn't figure out what.
  • Iriesaadi asks Jubilee to escort her home, a few days away. She won't give many details about her home or the people she lives with, but she thinks they'll like Jubilee? Probably?

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